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    Canadian Citizenship Made Easy is a study guide for the Canadian Citizenship Exam. All of the information you need to pass the Citizenship Exam is found in this book. Canadian Citizenship Made Easy uses simple, easy–to–understand English to help you prepare for the exam. Each chapter is followed by Multiple-Choice questions and some optional review questions for discussion. Get Canadian Citizenship Made Easy on Amazon right here!

    The Canadian Citizenship Workbook is a study aid for the Canadian Citizenship Exam and is to be used alongside the official government guide. This workbook contains over 400 questions in various question formats that will help the applicant successfully pass the Canadian Citizenship Exam. The Canadian Citizenship Workbook is also a fabulous addition to any ESL Classroom. Get the Canadian Citizenship Workbook on Amazon right here!

    1001 Canadian Conversation Questions for the ESL Classroom focuses on the Canadian content areas most used in the Canadian ESL Classroom. Get 1001 Canadian Conversation Questions on Amazon right here!

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    Canadian ESL Activities, Openers and Quizzes. Get From Coast to Coast to Coast on Amazon right here!