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    Canadian Citizenship Made Easy

    A Study Guide in Simple English

    Canadian Citizenship Made Easy is a study guide for the Canadian Citizenship Exam. All of the information you need to pass the Citizenship Exam is found in this book. Canadian Citizenship Made Easy uses simple, easy–to–understand English to help you prepare for the exam. Each chapter is followed by Multiple-Choice questions and some optional review questions for discussion.

  • Video Quizzes

    The Anthems of canada

    Did you know that Canada has two anthems? Many people don't.

    Famous Canadian Prime Ministers - Canadian Citizenship Exam Questions 2017

    Test your knowledge of Canadian Prime Ministers.

    Tricky Canadian Citizenship Exam Questions 2017

    Try these confusing questions from the 2017 Canadian Citizenship Exam.

    Confederation Quiz - Canadian citizenship Exam - 2017

    Try these questions about the Confederation of Canada.

    Capital City Quiz Part 1 - Canadian citizenship Exam - 2017

    Capital City Quiz Part 2 - Canadian citizenship Exam - 2017

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