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    What questions did you have on the Canadian citizenship exam?

    Have you taken the Citizenship Exam in 2018? Do you know the answers to the following questions?Some of our clients have told us about the questions that stumped them! These are some of the questions:


    1. Who is the Head of State in Canada? 
    2. Who are the three founding peoples of Canada? 
    3. Who became the first head of a responsible government in 1849?
    If you don't know the answers take a look in your Discover Canada, or Canadian Citizenship Made Easy to find the answers.
    If you have take the Canadian Citizenship Exam recently, please let us know which difficult questions you had on our Facebook Page.

    Do you know your elected representatives?

    It is important to know who your elected representatives are when preparing for the Canadian Citizenship Exam in 2018. While confusing at first, government in Canada is actually quite simple!


    Here is an easy explanation:


    There are 3 levels of government in Canada:

    1. Federal 
    2. Provincial (or Territorial)
    3. Municipal 
    So, there are also 3 people who represent you at these different levels:
    1. Your MP (Member of Parliament) is your Federal Representative  
    2. Your MPP (or MLA, MNA, MHA) is your Provincial Representative 
    3. Your Councillor (or Alderman) is your Municipal Representative
    When you become a Canadian Citizen you will vote for these 3 different positions.
    • You will vote for an MP in a federal election. 
    • You will vote for an MPP (or MLA, MNA, MHA) in a provincial (or territorial) election. 
    • You will vote for a Councillor in a municipal election.
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    How to pass the Canadian Citizenship exam in 2018

    The current Canadian Citizenship Exam is not easy. In fact, most Canadian-born citizens would fail it. The official government guide is long and not easy to understand. Below are some tips on how to pass the Canadian Citizenship Exam in 2018.


    • Understand the material and the concepts.  If you understand the subjects that are covered in Discover Canada, the Canadian Citizenship Exam will be easy for you.  Review the material with a friend or with other family members who will be taking the exam.  Take 15 minutes a day and study the material.  
    • Do not only look at multiple choice questions on the internet.  You can use multiple choice questions that you find on the internet as a support, but do not only look at these questions.  It is more important that you know the material. 
    • Review the material in different formats. Use Discover Canada, use Canadian Citizenship Made Easy,  use multiple choice tests found on the internet, use Youtube videos but do not only look at one type of format.
    • Do not leave studying until the last minute.  There is a lot of material in Discover Canada, and if you leave it until the last minute you will most certainly fail.  
    Remember; if you understand the material, the Canadian Citizenship Exam will be simple for you. You must be prepared and you must be confident when you take it. Good luck!

    HAPPY 2018!!!!!!

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    Do you know the difference between the three levels and three branches of government? If not, try the quiz below.